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My My My is all about collaborative efforts

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mymymy.jpgAnyone who has had to fight through numerous failures knows they just make the successes that much sweeter. Russell Baylin is one of those people.

Maybe that's why the My My My frontman just can't seem to contain his excitement about the state of his band.

"My career has been very frustrating," he explains. "It's hard to find the right people, hard to find the great material and [hard] to find an audience. But with this group, it's like the years of frustration have melted away."
My My My is unique in that it has been pieced together through numerous Craigslist ads, one band member jumping aboard at a time. And while you'd think this type of process would breed myriad awkward situations, Baylin says nothing could be further from the truth.

We gelled immediately," he says. "It was like love at first sight. We all have the same musical sensibilities and we approach the craft in the same way. We're like a well-oiled machine."

That machine is fueled by rich interplay between the voices of Baylin and Sarah Snow, along with driving pop-rock rhythms dripping in Midwestern sensibility. My My My has drawn comparisons to the much-loved New Pornographers -- high, but certainly deserved, praise.

"We only have one guitar, whereas most groups have two," Baylin says. "And because I sing, most of my guitar work is rhythm, which leaves lots of room for the bass and keyboards to go outside their traditional roles. They're going beyond the norm and expanding the limits and boundaries of each song."

All of the exploration is done within the confines of a tried-and-true formula of pop-based rock.

"Avant-garde doesn't come naturally to us," Baylin explains. "We all like pop, so we try to keep it melodic and accessible without being too predictable."

It's odd to hear Baylin use the word "predictable" when he stresses over and over how amazing it has been to find like-minded people -- bereft of egos -- to churn out songs with. In fact, his wife had to convince him to try the Craigslist route one more time. Suffice to say, he's been pleasantly surprised.

He had been writing songs on his acoustic guitar but believed they deserved a full band behind them to flush out the sound. And with each successful addition to the band, My My My's sound took on a fuller, more well-rounded tenor. According to Baylin, the collaborative process works so well because each member sticks strictly to the script.

"They kind of all look to me to direct, to take charge of the direction and they put their egos aside," he says. "I'll come with a skeleton of a song and they'll fill it in with what they do.

My My My has hit the pavement running, already releasing two albums in less than two years and itching to get in the studio for a third.
"It's been great," Baylin admits. "I try not to think about it too much, and even if it ends tomorrow, I've been lucky."

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My my my is an amazing band. I saw these guys at the Taste and they are just swell as can be. Dig.

MY MY MY brings the heat! They're awesome musicians and people.

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