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Michigan State loses to Northwestern, it's all my fault

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012209nu.jpgI guess I blame myself for this loss.

In the wake of Saturday's comeback victory over Illinois, I walked around the newsroom with a puffed chest, loudly proclaiming that you could count on my Michigan State Spartans finally winning a Big Ten title.

And now here I sit, regretfully reporting the the mighty Northwestern Wildcats have upset Sparty -- in East Lansing of all places.

Like the Good Book says, "pride cometh before the fall."

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It's kind of my fault too. I forgot to watch them in HD. The Spartans never lose in high def. Sorry.

Kyle responds: If this is the change Obama is talking about, let's re-think this thing.

Could be could be a Hoosier fan like me.
Kyle responds: Why would you say something so ridiculous?

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