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Jarrett Payton Peeze Blog a must-see for those seeking sage advice

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Former University of Miami running back Jarrett Payton (son of Bears legend Walter Payton) keeps a little-known, but fantastically entertaining video blog called "Peeze Blog" on YouTube. 

It's the first on the Sports Pros(e) "Highly Recommended in 2009" list.

A week ago, Payton offered the following helpful advice to his audience moments after his left front tire went flying off his Escalade while traveling on Lake Street: "Lesson of the story of today is don't have people who don't know what they doin' handle your ride."

If we here at Sports Pros(e) were car owners, chances are we'd totally heed that advice:

In the latest installment of Peeze Blog, Payton outlines the battle between cold and heat that we're currently undertaking here in Chicago.

Jarrett's take on our "treacherous" sub-zero clime? "No bueno."

Payton, the MVP of the 2004 Orange Bowl, also offers this advice to his viewers who are planning on braving the cold: "Don't forget to go outside with some mittens on, a hat, a scarf, some thermals."

We whole heartedly agree, and so does a bobble-head version of Payton's Hall of Fame father, which makes a cameo in the blog:

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1 Comment

hey kevin
thanks for the write up and glad u like the "peeze blog" let keep in touch... if u have face book look me up... hope all is well


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