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Hello, operator: McNabb picks up phone on Giants bench, dials himself up a 15-yard penalty

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Chunky soup and conference championship game enthusiast Donovan McNabb took a moment out from destroying the New York Giants' title dreams to have a little fun in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game at the Meadowlands.

Chased out of bounds, McNabbed picked up a phone on the Giants' sideline and simulated a call as players and coaches looked on. The move drew a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and McNabb expressed regret over the action immediately after the game.

It makes sense that the league would want to crack down on these kinds of antics, but at the same time it's enjoyable to see players having a little fun. Personally, it didn't seem like an attempt to show anyone up, but rather just a moment of levity.

Any ideas on who McNabb was calling? There's certainly a lot of critics out there he could have been demanding apologies for. Or perhaps he was getting some clarifications on the overtime rules for playoff games.

Do you take issue with McNabb's call? Should he be fined?

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Hello. He was calling his mom.

McNabb: Hi mom. Looks like we're gonna win.
Mama McNabb: Great son. Does that mean you'll want your race car sheets tonight?
McNabb: You bet. After every win. And make sure there's some chunky soup. I'm hungry. Gotta go, getting a penalty.
Mama McNabb: Since when was it a penalty to talk to yo' mama.

And the joke went on too long. but check out Mama McNabb's blog:

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