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Gregg Valentino: The man whose arms blew up

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biggerstrongerfaster2.jpgThe internet is without a doubt the best invention in the history of mankind. (Side note: I've never understood comparing great innovations to sliced bread. Sliced bread really isn't that great)

You can literally find out about anything, communicate with people across the world at the touch of a button and tag unseemly photos of your friends on social networking sites. But perhaps the greatest thing about the worldwide web is that people of questionable repute can pepper your e-mail with lame forwarded messages, bogus stock tips and -- of course -- viral videos.

So it is with great pride and an extremely quizzical facial expression that I pass on this gem to you, the Sports Pros(e) reader. You're about to see a man with 28-inch biceps. You'll never be the same.

The human? in the video is Gregg Valentino, who was the subject of a TLC documentary called "The Man Whose Arms Exploded." A very aptly named piece of cinema, indeed.

On Mr. Valentino's personal Web site, you can learn all sorts of fun facts about the man behind the amino acid buildup. For instance, he likes chocolate chip cookies, the movie "Titanic" and Babe Ruth.

Gregg Valentino: Home of the Biggest Arms in the World     (GreggValentino) 

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man you are so stupid for doing that stupid stuff

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