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Disappointed Giants fans destroy Porsche, remind us how we feel about fans; WARNING: Graphic language

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My friend Jon brought to my attention today a video that we here at Sports Pros(e) think typifies everything we simultaneously love and hate about fans. We love the passion that fans possess -- we just hate that it's directed at sports, and so often manifests as the behavior you see in these videos.

In the wake of the Giants' season-ending loss Sunday to the Eagles Sunday, a gaggle of Giants supporters made their way to the Giants Stadium parking lot and proceeded to take out their frustrations on a fire-damaged Porsche and Toyota truck -- all while cameras were (unsafely) rolling.

Neil Best of Newsday called it, "The reason all civilized people hesitate to attend professional sports events."

While no less than half a dozen enraged fans make a cameo in these Youtube videos, the star of the show is a chap named Justin. So committed to the destruction of these vehicles is Justin that he eventually sustains an ankle injury while attempting a flying kick on the truck's driver-side window -- much to the horror of the ladies bearing witness to this spectacle.

A warning though ... these cats aren't exactly choir boys. The language is exactly what you'd expect from angry, over-served fans:

The suggested name that one the featured players gives for the video is "Giant Failure." But it may be an altogether inappropriate title. Because it's the goal of the Giants organization to attract abrasive fans bent on property destruction, perhaps "Giant Success" would be a more apt title:


A couple of questions remain:

1. Who brings a baseball bat to a football game?
2. I can understand wanting to beat up a car. But a defenseless grill? That's just cruel.
3. For anyone who's ever participated in this or like-minded tet-a-tets ... how well does this behavior work to dull the pain of a biting loss to a far-inferior ball club? Because that's something we here in Chicago are quite familiar with.
4. Why would anyone -- complete idiot or not -- post video of themselves ostensibly committing a crime to a public Web site?

Giants fans destroy Porsche, Toyota Truck after Eagles loss [Fanhouse]
'Fans' destroy motor vehicles in Giants Stadium lot [Newsday]

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