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Finer Things Club: Google Earth invites you to the art museum

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Admittedly, we're not huge art enthusiasts, but a new feature on Google Earth could change all of that quickly.

You know Google Earth as the fun little tool that allows you to zoom in on any region of the world from the luxury of your breakfast nook. Without naming any names, at least one person once completely wasted an entire Saturday looking down on every MLB baseball stadium.

Thankfully, we can now use it to bring some much needed culture into our lives.

The good people at Google have gone inside the Prado Art Museum in Madrid, Spain and captured every nuance of some of the more compelling pieces.

Here's a video of the process. Lots of math, lots of angles, very intriguing.

The Art News Blog has all the gritty details on how to explore the museum while you eat your Apple Jacks.

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