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Ex-Lion Sean McHugh: Watching the Lions lose is exciting

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Pittsburgh Steelers fullback Sean McHugh is just a few short days from participating in the ridiculously commercialized football jamboree known as the Super Bowl. He's also been penning a blog documenting his experiences.

And it turns out McHugh, who was released in September by the Detroit Lions, has something in common with my dad.

He gets excited to watch the hapless Lions lose.
"Each week watching the Lions play part of you is excited that they are losing because you are kind of getting them back, but at the same time I still have a lot of good friends and teammates there. I went through that offseason program. I know those guys worked hard. No one deserves to have that kind of season. It was kind of mixed emotions. Part of me was smiling, you know saying that's what you guys get. Part of me, my heart went out to those guys who worked so hard and came up short.

While it's understandable to have some ill-will toward a team that scorned you, McHugh should focus on the task at hand. His Steelers are heavilily favored to win the Super Bowl. Don't let something as trivial as the Lions ruin your moment in the sun.

My Super Bowl Journey: Sean McHugh      (Pittsburgh Steelers)

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Wow, I may be just a little bit "thats my boy about it" but the ability to work the Detroit Lions into the same paragragh as a super bowl story...well that is just amazing journalism. By the way Sean,welcme aboard. Plenty of room for everyone.

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