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Cubs 13-game package just not worth it this year

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I'm facing a minor dilemma of sorts this morning. My love of attending live sporting events, neighborhood baseball and warm weather is currently battling what good sense and intellect I still have intact after four years at the University of Missouri.

I received an e-mail early today informing me that the Cubs 2009 Lead Off Plan goes on sale today at 10 a.m. Call it a sign of the times, but, to steal a phrase, I might just have to wait 'til next year.

For those who are unaware, if yours is one of the tens of thousands of names on the pathetic abyss that is the Cubs season ticket waiting list, you are given the conciliatory option of purchasing a 13-game ticket package before regular single-game tickets go on sale. Granted, pretty much all of the games you have to choose from are weekday games against hapless teams, but there are some chances to get Cardinals or White Sox tickets.

My brother and I both jumped on the chance last year and separately snagged our 13 games. But in this economy -- and considering the epically demoralizing efforts the Cubs have posted in the last two post seasons -- I just don't think it's worth it.

The Cubs would have needed to make some major readjustments in the off season to keep me -- not only a casual fan, but a neighbor -- intrigued. In short, it takes more than Milton Bradley to suck $1,000 from this guy.

While I applaud the acquisition of Bradley, he should have been the team's third-best pickup of the off season, and certainly not the lone "marquee" name.

Am I alone on this?

What do you think Cub fans -- are you buying this year?

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Brothers do think alike....had to pass since 9 out of the 13 were in April and May. Good thing the Cubs love their fans so much as to offer such an outstanding package. Buy 13 games, one of which would actually be worth while.

Kevin Replies: Mom would be proud of our fiscal conservatism.

So what does the illustrious pitching staff say in regard to predictions for the 2009 season?

Is it just me or is the Cubbies home schedule less than intriguing this year? And I agree, the 13-game package is a joke, it's not even worth looking at.

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