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Chris Duhon shares his thoughts on Obama inauguration, Reggie Love's new job

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Former Bulls guard Chris Duhon has penned an as-told-to article for today's New York Post in which he offers up his fondest memories of playing pickup basketball with President Obama and former Duke teammate-turned Obama aide Reggie Love.

If you can get past the awkward transitions (or complete lack of transitions altogehter) and the otherwise disjointed narrative, it's kind of an interesting read.

Duhon calls Love, Obama's 26-year-old special assistant, his best friend. So I guess that makes them like the Kevin Allen and Kyle Koster of Duke basketball alumni?

Perhaps most interesting about the article is Duhon's insight into what it's like to play against Obama:
"During our pickup games, Obama was very vocal on both ends of the court, constantly talking, directing guys, telling them where to go. He understands how to play the game. He can only go left, though. He knows how to pass and is a decent shooter."

But what's it like to guard history?

"I had a chance to guard him. He guarded me a few times. I didn't go full out, but everyone else out there does. Nobody takes it easy on him. They definitely go after him."

So, if Duhon failed go full out during the course of four forgettable years in a Bulls uniform, and if he failed to go full out in pickup games against Obama, and given the shoddy writing of the New York Post article, it begs the question:

Does Chris Duhon ever go full out?

Oh yeah ... that's right. Yes. Yes he does.

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