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Chicago Sports Week in Review takes on a new member, things do not go well

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When Kevin isn't enraging Pittsburgh Steelers fans and I'm not stirring up heated Big 12 fan bases, we have a little side project we like to work on.

Inspired mostly by the Big Ten Network's Mike Hall and his well-coiffed hair, the Chicago Sports Week in Review strives to give you the local sports news with a side of unsolicited opinion and the occasional bad pun.

As previous episodes reveal, it also gives Kevin an opportunity to parlay his general creepiness into a mildy viewed internet video.

This week, however, your friends at Sports Pros(e) got some good and bad news -- and didn't really handle it well.

After the jump, see if we can cut through the awkwardness in the goal of creating a compelling storyline.

Wow, does she hate us.

Further webisodes to come.

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Hilarious guys, keep it up. I'll be watching.

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