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Bill Romanowski wants Denver Broncos job, is a big fan of protein

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romanowski.jpgBIll Romanowski, the former NFL linebacker known for his ferocious play and downright insane on-field antics, is openly campaigning for the open Denver Broncos coaching job.

Romanowski sent a 30-page PowerPoint presentation to Broncos owner Pat Bowlen detailing just what type of fresh ideas he could bring to the franchise.

"Romanowski would also hire a full-time nutritionist and recruit some of the world's elite strength and conditioning coaches, he said.

"I'd have literally a full-time person mixing up protein shakes every day," said Romanowski, who is president and CEO of a nutritional company called Nutrition53. "The business is football, which is having fast, strong, explosive players."

The one thing this amino acid enthusiast has working against him is his lack of experience. He does help coach his son's team, though.

Probably makes them eat lots of tuna fish.

Romanowski openly campaigns for Broncos job   (Sports Illustrated)

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