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Barack Obama really, really wants a playoff in college football

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President-elect Barack Obama, who in less than two weeks will be inaugurated, took the time today weigh in yet again on the state of college football.

You may recall Obama stumping for an eight-team playoff during the presidential campaign, but visible in separate interviews on "Monday Night Football" and "60 Minutes." In the wake of the Florida Gators' 24-14 victory over the Oklahoma Sooners in the BCS title game last evening, he once again pleaded for change.

"Obama, asked what he thought about Florida's 24-14 victory Thursday night over Oklahoma in the BCS championship game, congratulated the Gators and said he'd sent a message to a friend whose son plays for the team.

At the same time, he said, "If I'm Utah, or if I'm USC or if I'm Texas, I might still have some quibbles."

Obama said, "That's why we need a playoff."

Personally, I choose to believe that the Gators' victory is convincing enough for them to be crowned without hesitation. But a certain team in Utah would probably disagree with that.

So, is Florida your national champion or are you with Obama on the need to get those playoffs a-rollin'?

Obama renews plea for college football playoffs   (AP)

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This is off topic, but the picture on your home page listed as Blago, isn't that actually Steve Carrell?

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