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A suds-fueled photo essay: World Series of Beer Pong

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Earlier this week, at least four different people sent me the link to Rick Reilly's piece on the World Series of Beer Pong. It was entertaining and full of Reillyisms, but certainly left me wanting more.

Luckily, friend of the blog Andy Aupperlee was in Las Vegas to cover the event as a photographer. Mr. Aupperlee was gracious enough to share his experiences with us here at Sports Pros(e).

Judging by the photos, it sounds like we missed a good time.

You can read his unabridged entry -- complete with more multimedia options -- on his blog.

BY ANDY AUPPERLEE Special to Sports Pros(e)
Billy and the guys at did a helluva job putting on the World Series of Beer Pong IV. For four days at the beginning of 2009, over 400 teams competed at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for $50,000 and the distinction of being crowned beer pong champs. I was asked to cover the tournament as a publicity photographer. Below are some pictures and thoughts.

Thumbnail image for andy2.jpgThe World Series of Beer Pong mixes gaming drunks with the Las Vegas strip. While this is not necessarily a new combination, the resulting ponger/Vegas mashup provides for a highly entertaining weekend. The guys impressively fielded nearly 500 teams, yet it takes more than just willing and able drunks/ball throwers to make a tournament happen. Here are a few ingredients you'll need to throw your very own beer pong spectacle.

andy3.jpgFamous Sportswriters. Rick Reilly was on hand to cover the event for ESPN. His sons also competed in the tournament. Don't worry, Rick did enjoy a beverage or two while "on assignment."

Thumbnail image for andy4.jpgBeer. Obviously you'll need beer. Lots and lots of beer. PBR was the official beer sponsor of the WSOBP IV. On my way to the airport in Seattle, the cab driver told me his first beer ever was a Pabst Blue Ribbon. He did not know much about alcohol, but as a kid he said he used to watch "Friday Night Fights" where PBR was a main sponsor. When he got to the Air Force, his buddies told him it was time to start drinking. "'Whadya want?' They asked me. I said, 'I dunno, a Pabst Blue Ribbon, I guess?'" God only knows there is a 5 year old boy watching the WSOBP IV who will order a PBR 16 years from now.

andy5.jpgDid I mention beer? You better have palette after palette of fresh, crisp, refreshing Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap to satisfy the needs of the beer pongers.

andy6.jpgA Television Set. Together with several other media companies; my old friend, Alex Chu, executive produced a television series of the WSOBP IV. Alex also acted as director on the project. Teams played on a "Feature Table" off to one corner of the ballroom. The set was complete with four cameras, lights and microphones. There were even PAs to get us coffee (thanks Josh).

Thumbnail image for andy7.jpgExecutive Producers. Pictured here is Alex Chu with one of his partners on this project, Kevin Lewis.

andy8.jpgTables. The beer pong folks set up dozens of official tables. One of my favorite touches? The cleverly branded BPong ball.

andy9.jpgReality TV Celebs. Amazing Race winner and love interest? Check. Dallas and Star were on hand to act as hosts and compete in the event.

andy10.jpgStage. Billy Gaines frequently addressed the throng on a range of topics. Billy is Steve Jobs to beer pongers. Whenever he picked up the microphone, the entire ballroom stopped and listened.

Director. Someone needs to be in control. I mean, just look at who is playing beer pong these days. Thank goodness Alex had the Feature Table television set on lockdown.

andy12.jpgYour Mom and Your Grandma. Shred the Gnar's mother and grandmother made it out for the tournament. Although she will not admit it, Shred told me his grandma actually plays beer pong.

andy13.jpgBalls. About every team maintained a splash cup to dip the balls in before shooting. Even though most players told their opponent about all the foul things they planned to do to his sister/mom/dog, they always made sure to clean their ball before splashing it in his beer. I found this to be extremely thoughtful.

andy14.jpgCamera guys. Our camera guys were real pros. During this match, Fat Kid, of Chauffeuring the Fat Kid, was hammered. He even wandered off the set and demanded that I give him back his hat. What? This camera operator had little choice but to console Fat Kid during the round too.

andy15.jpgDefense. Dallas plays defense. Intimidated? Part of the game is psyching out your opponent while they shoot. If you are an attractive girl, you have a pretty obvious weapon in your arsenal: the fact that you are an attractive girl. On average, the typical beer ponger is a bro'd out dude who will not be able to resist the flirtatious defense of a young lady. That said, I'm not sure what angle Dallas is trying to play here.

andy16.jpgCanadians. God bless Canada. These guys were ooout and abooout all over the tournament. Even though they were tragically out-________ (numbered/played/gamed/country'd), Canadians never let anyone get them down. Every time there was a big USA vs Canada match, half the province of Alberta showed up and waived that flag.

andy17.jpgCups. Beer pongers may use only water, or a combination of water and beer. Of course, you have to have a container for the liquid of your choice. The BPong guys have developed a cup with exact specifications to meet the modern demands of the game.

andy18.jpgDon Purnell. Question: What do Nicole Kidman and The Beer Pong Nation have in common? Don Purnell was there to capture their worst (and best) moments.

andy19.jpgLove. When it comes down to it, you don't play beer pong to become rich. You play for the love of the game. Or because you love to get drunk. These two old timers played for both reasons.

andy20.jpgIntensity. This bro is Cobra from a team called Llamas. People in the crowd were calling him the zen master during the match.

andy21.jpgDrunks. Start serving beer at 10 AM and you'll wind up with more than one dude who looks like this. I'm not saying he is drunk, but I bet that massive beer stain did not just magically appear.

andy22.jpgThe stretch. Even though "a player may not place a hand/foot/leg/penis/whatever on the table in order to gain additional reach and/or leverage," leaning over the table is not illegal. In fact, it makes perfect scientific sense to shorten the distance between the point of release and your target. Beer pongers=physicists? Hmm.

andy23.jpgChest bumps. Practice. Practice. Practice. Despite what Allen Iverson says, nailing the perfect beer pong toss and nailing your buddy in the perfect beer pong chest bump takes practice. If you plan on competing in WSOBP V, do yourself a favor next time you are at the bar. Bump your best bro's chest in mid air a few times. I promise; it'll help.

andy24.jpgInk. Are these guys partners because they are both tatted up; or they both tatted up because they are partners?

andy25.jpgTrash talk. I loved this match. Shred The Gnar incessantly talked trash to this guy about what he was going to do to his sister later. The best part, the sister was his partner.

andy26.jpgReconciliation. At the end of the match, everyone is friends again. Go figure.

andy27.jpgTable cleaners. Looking good, Josh!

andy28.jpgTalented talent. Leah D'Emilio, of Mahalo Daily, hosted our coverage of WSOBP IV. She's a real a pro. She maintains perfect composure while Fat Kid drunkenly cautions his partner, Chauffeur, not to "look her in the eyes. Don't look her in the eyes."

andy29.jpgA Ringmaster. This is Billy Gaines of Along with Skinny, Duncan, and a cadre of college buddies from Carnegie Mellon; Billy put on one hell of an event.

andy30.jpgThe masses. On the final day, the top 128 teams competed in a double elimination tournament. Teams were seeded with no, one or two byes based on their win/loss record and cup differential. Due to the limited number of competitors, only one square was used. Bleachers were brought in to line the playing area.

andy31.jpgStar shooters. This guy was lights out. When he shot, the crowd chanted MVP. They only made it as far as the semi-finals, but he was easily the most skilled beer pong player in the whole field. I watched him hit clutch shot after clutch shot to force overtimes and win matches.

andy32.jpgCelebration. Hitting cups is important. Whenever you do, grab the nearest After Shot girl and hug her.

andy33.jpgDefeat. We can't win them all. Iron Wizard Coalition knows this lesson well as they were runners up at WSOBP III.

andy34.jpgClutch shots. Beer pong has a redemption rule that allows you to claw your way back into the match. If all your cups are gone (as seen above), you can force an overtime by hitting all of your opponents remaining cups without missing.

andy35.jpgDramatic entrances. Smashing Time stand poised as they await their introduction in the final round of the World Series of Beer Pong IV.


Bruce Buffer. Bruce Buffer, ring announcer for Ultimate Fighting Championship, introduced Smashing Time and Getcha Popcorn Ready in the final round. Bruce brouht his A-game, including awesome hair, a fresh looking tan and a pure show business smile. In fact, everytime he noticed my camera pointed at him he looked in the lens and gave me that $100,000 grin.

andy37.jpg$50,000 tosses. With this shot, Smashing Time defeated Getcha Popcorn Ready and became WSOBP IV champions.

andy38.jpgGiant novelty checks. Ron Hamilton (left) told the press his success came from chugging a bottle of Jack Daniels. "The key today was me getting real drunk."

andy39.jpgAn awesome crew. The folk in orange and yellow t-shirts worked for WSOBP. The guys in black are the crew from 702 Productions, which helped us shoot the television coverage. Everyone else worked with Farmer Brown and Recess Media as producers, directors, assistants and talent.

andy40.jpgAbout the author. That is me with our host, Leah. Thank you Deb Loftis for taking this picture!

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I was wondering when Sports Pros(e), my Internet stop for all things sports and those who are dating all things sports, was going to cover the WSOBP.

Kyle/Kevin duo for WSOBP 2k10?

Kyle replies: you are talking! That's why I got into the business.

Being able to lean and stretch your arm across the table completely takes the skill out of the game. With my reach, an eight foot table quickly turns into a 3 foot shot wasting all point of the game? If you ask me your elbow shouldn't be allowed to cross the edge of the table making the game more competive and adding a greater skill level.

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