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50 and loving it: Rickey Henderson thinks he can still lead MLB in steals

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rikkey.jpgRickey Henderson was overwhelmingly inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame earlier this week, eliciting many video tributes on the biggest sports networks extolling his greatness.

All of this, it seems, has not been lost on Henderson.

The 50-year-old used a Wednesday press conference to claim that he could still play in the major leagues, but didn't stop there. Henderson took a more daring leadoff from reality, saying he could still lead the league in stolen bases.

"I believe today, and people say I'm crazy, but if you gave me as many at-bats that you would give the runners out there today, I would out-steal every last one of them," Henderson said with typical bravado.

Rickey got specific, noting, "I can go out and steal as many bases as [Jose] Reyes steals." Reyes stole 56 bases last year.

"I might have lost a step or two, but I learned a step or two in knowledge that I can pick a pitch and walk to second base," Henderson said.

Henderson also added no team could pay him what he's worth.

I wouldn't wait by that phone, Rickey.


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