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Wes Welker Snow Angel Brings Us Christmas Joy: Video

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Dear New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker,

In the second quarter of today's 47-7 trouncing of the Arizona Cardinals you caught a pass from quarterback Matt Cassel and coasted to the back of the endzone.

At that point, the game was already well in hand. It occurred to you that the proper celebration at that point would be, like a 9-year-old child, to flop onto the ground and create a snow angel.

You were flagged by the referees -- those grinches -- who said your celebration was "excessive."

The only thing that may be excessive about your celebration was the joy with which my heart was filled upon watching you. I wholeheartedly disagree with the referees. Sure ... they'll say they were just doing their job. But c'mon. It's Christmas.

You are everything that is right with professional sports. In a single moment you made a nation happy -- save, of course, a few grumpy Cardinals fans who were probably less appreciative as they were watching a preview of their team's playoff fate. 

Wes, for those readers who haven't seen it yet, I offer the following:

Thank you again for infusing joy into your work. We should all be so willing to do so.


Sports Pros(e)

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One struggles to recall a more flagrant example of religious persecution. The officiating crew was clearly comprised of an inordinate amount of Tories looking to exact revenge on the Revolutionaries.

why is there a penalty he was just playin in the snow?

Kevin Replies: Couldn't have put it better myself.

And that children is why the lil' angel on top of the tree is called a Welker and anything in stripes are called Scrooges!!!

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