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Urban Meyer's dream job is still Notre Dame, but would the Irish be better if he were coaching in South Bend right now?

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Life is pretty good for Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer right now. His team will play for the national championship against Oklahoma next month, his job security is at an all-time high and he's got the best player in college football under center.

Conversely, life isn't that great for Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis right now. His team is playing in something called the Hawaii Bowl, his job security is tenuous at best and he's not too popular with Irish faithful right now.

All of these makes Meyer's comments regarding the Notre Dame coaching position all the more awkward. Well, maybe not awkward, but perhaps cringe-inducing?

" Four years after spurning Notre Dame to take over the Florida Gators program, Coach Urban Meyer called the Fighting Irish "still my dream job; that hasn't changed" on a South Florida radio show on Wednesday.

Notre Dame doesn't have a coaching vacancy, and the Gators are less than a month from playing for a second national title under Meyer.

"Once my kids are done, maybe some day I'll go coach there," Meyer told 560 WQAM. "I don't know that. That's way down the road. Being a father and being able to recruit the best athletes in America within a 5-hour radius of my home, that's why I came to Florida. I thought we could have a great chance at success."
Clearly, Meyer has made his intentions known and it's really not much of a story.

At least for now.

But if you're a Notre Dame fan, you probably can't help but wonder if things would be different had the Irish landed Meyer.

Would the Irish be suffering through 6-6 seasons and embarrassing losses to Syracuse if Meyer was at the helm in South Bend? Or would the Irish be significantly better?

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Notre Dame would be better, to be sure.

But Meyer would likely regret the move fairly quickly. Notre Dame isn't the program it once was, and there's a fair chance that Meyer is romanticizing his recollection of his time there.

And winters in South Bend are about as bad as it gets, this side of Siberia.

Meyer is an excellent coach and by all accounts a great guy. However, his continued bantering about how ND is his 'dream' job is pure PR. It has been bantered about for weeks that he seeks to become the highest paid coach in the game and wants $5-6M per season guaranteed. By proclaiming his love for ND - puts the heat on Florida to pay up or lose him. Great betting odds he will have yet another contract come January. If he wins another NC - he might get the 5-6 he seeks.

Odds are that he won't be in South Bend anytime during his future except perhaps if he plays the Irish. He made his choice of going for a less tough job at Florida and better for his family - good choice.

As to Eskimo's comments on SB - I've lived in the panhandle of Florida and all I can say is that I'll take the snow/cold over the heat and near 100% humidity of Florida any day. Each to their own.

The signal that Notre Dame needed has been sent and the stage has been set. The same things that are being said now about the state of the Irish program were being said when Lou Holtz arrived in South Bend but he was able to prove the experts wrong. Take a look at this Sports Illustrated story that was written shortly after Lou took the Notre Dame job.

I agree with the above comment. Notre Dame will be back, but will it be Weis that does it. That remains to be seen. As far as the weather issue in SB, Kids might want to take a look of some recent super bowl teams. Pittsburgh, New York, New England, all have won recent super bowls, and these areas are not exactly "warm".

Notre Dame no longer wants Urban Meyer. He already made his choice - he went to Florida so that he wouldn't have to deal with such stringent Collegiate rules. Don't forget Notre DAme actually graduates their athletes. He is getting what he wants and Notre Dame doesn't like sloppy seconds. If Weis doesn't turn the program around next year ND will find the "next" Urban Meyer. Believe me - he's out there.

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