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Tim Tebow will check on draft status. Tell him what you think.

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It's no secret to Bears Chat regulars that I have a throbbing man crush on Florida quarterback and one-time Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. His versatility, smile and enthusiasm make him the most compelling college player to watch.

But, some people seem to have what could be only described as a personal vendetta against Tebow -- one that usually takes form in delighting in the fact he probably won't be a successful NFL quarterback.

To that point, the left-handed junior has filed paperwork to assess just what his draft status would be if he made the jump to the NFL.

Here's your chance to don your Mel Kiper Jr. hair and tell us where you think Tebow would be drafted, what position he is best suited for and what level of success he'll enjoy in the NFL. Have at it.

Tebow will file NFL paperwork, but title game won't influence decision   [USA Today]

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