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The Big Ten/ACC Challenge: The Big Ten doesn't actually have a chance to win this thing, right?

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izzoold.jpgThe first night of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge ended with each conference earning three wins. As a proud Midwesterner, I was pretty excited that the Big Ten was keeping this thing close.

After all, the ACC has won the previous nine incarnations of the challenge. Then I looked at the slate of games tonight.

In short, you might as well put this one in the win column for our friends on the East Coast again.

Indiana travels to Wake Forest, Penn State to Georgia Tech and Michigan to Maryland. These road tests are probably going to be too much, and at best, the Big Ten may be able to squeak one win out.

Northwestern hosts Florida State as well. If you have confidence in Northwestern basketball, we're very jealous of your optimism.

The marquee match-up features North Carolina and Michigan State at Ford Field. The Tar Heels have looked flat-out scary early this season -- with and without Tyler Hansbrough. And after the Spartans' dud against Maryland, I'd be surprised to see them knock off the country's best team.

Don't get me wrong. I want them to. And I want all the other Big Ten teams to represent the conference nobly, but it's probably not reasonable to think they're going to come out on top.

One of these years the curse will be broken. Just not this year.

Or maybe the ACC will take mercy on us Midwesterners and find some other conference to play.

Anyone think the Big Ten can do it?

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NU actually has the best chance to win tonight, at least according to Vegas. All Big 10 teams are underdogs, but Northwestern is the closest (1.5 points)

Maybe the only thing working in the Big 10's favor is that tonight ACC teams host 3 of the 5 games, and so far the home teams are just 2-4.

Remember Michigan beat UCLA and would have maybe had a shot at Duke if they would have had rest. They play Duke again.

In big games nobody is a for sure win. GO BIG TEN!!!

Penn State 85 GT 83. PSU may surprise a few folks this year!

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