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Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Greg White changes name to Stylez G in an homage to 'Teen Wolf'

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The 1985 movie classic "Teen Wolf" boldly went where no movie had gone before by exploring a common teenage problem and discussing it openly.

Surely, countless people benefited from the life lessons of a teenager (Michael J. Fox) who occasionally morphs into a wolf. It taught us that being yourself is always radical and that werewolves pattern their basketball games off of Magic Johnson -- scoring when needed, but also making their teammates better.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Greg White apparently liked the flick so much that he's decided to legally change his name to Stylez, the name of Fox's best friend.

"On Monday, a Hillsborough County Circuit Court granted White's request to change his name from Gregory Alphonso White Jr. to Stylez G, White.

Circuit Judge Steve Scott Stephens signed off on White's petition and as White walked through the Bucs locker room Monday, he gleefully distributed copies of the final judgment.

White said he picked his new name from a character in the 1985 movie "Teen Wolf,'' starring Michael J. Fox.

"That was his best friend's name,'' White said. "I always liked that name. It's not that I don't like Greg White.''

In the movie, Fox's friend is named Rupert "Stiles'' Stilinski. White changed the spelling and adopted the name as his own.

"Teen Wolf" devotees will remember that in the movie Stiles:
1. Wore this shirt.
2. Tried to buy a keg underage by pretending he worked at a quarry.
3. Surfed on top of a moving vehicle.

Come to think of it, he was pretty cool.

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