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Somewhere around 24 fans expected for the Humanitarian Bowl

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humanitarian bowl.JPGWe got this tip on the Humanitarian Bowl, but didn't really understand what was so special about it. It seemed like a pretty basic piece about a mid-level bowl and it's quest to make money in these trying economic times.

In fact, it seems like the H-Bowl and Boise were about to enjoy a real boon in tourism revenue.

"This year the Boise State Broncos are headed to sunny San Diego, leaving the Humanitarian Bowl orange-less again. But BSU ticket agents say don't let the lack of lines fool you. They say their phones have been ringing off the hook, not only for Poinsettia Bowl seats, but also for the H-Bowl match up.
Good for Boise! Never been there, but it seems nice. Picturesque even. Plus, who doesn't love Smurf turf?

Then I read the last sentence.

Wait a moment. That makes an estimated combined total of 24 tickets. 24!

Either this is a serious typo or the Humanitarian Bowl is going to be the saddest thing in the world. Either BSU ticket officials have very low "phone ringing off the hook" standards or there's some miscommunication.

And then our favorite part: The University of Maryland's estimate of 16 tickets. They just can't pinpoint the exact number?

But there's a bright side. If you're a University of Nevada fan and can wrangle up 7 friends, you can ensure your side has equal representation at the Wolfpack's bowl game this year.

Humanitarian Bowl hopes for big turn out   [2 News]

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Most of the tickets sold for the H-Bowl will go to Boise people like me.
We support the bowl, no matter who's in it.

I purchased a tent in tent city for my business and 20 extra tickets.
Boise supports the H bowl!!
P.S. we love to see cry baby east coast schools get beat. If you support a school west of the Missippi, who doesn't. :)

I agree with BluKaboy, I know a large number of people in Boise that will be at the game, me included. It's not going to set any attendance records, but there will be a good crowd. I don't expect many people are going to travel from Maryland to see this game, and I don't blame them. Boise is a great town and well worth seeing, but it's a long day of travel and the game is not that important.

This article makes no sense anyway... why would the phone be ringing off the hook at BSU for Maryland and Nevada's tickets? Those tickets are sold at those schools, not at BSU. I guarantee Nevada will sell a lot more than 8 tickets too... Reno is only a six hour drive or so. Also, I happen to know that sales here in Boise are doing just fine. The H-Bowl has much better matchups than a lot of the other garbage bowls that are out there now.

The matchups might be garbage in the other bowls, but at least the host city isn't.

Who in their right mind would willingly travel to Idaho?

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