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Repeal Day: Drink, drink and be merry

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alcohol.jpgThe blogger shows his patriotism by commemorating the ratification of the 21st Amendment.

It's going to be tricky to not have this construed as a no-holds-barred celebration of drunkenness and partying, but here goes.

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition in 1933.

And we probably should celebrate -- responsibly. And in moderation.

Imagine sports without beer commercials. Dinner at the Ross residence without Merlot. College dorm rooms without beerymids. Work without Happy Hour. Wedding receptions without awkward toasts.

Seems kind of bleak.

Over at they're really extolling the virtues of this so-called holiday. In fact, they've been so kind as to give some tips on how to observe it.

"There are no outfits to buy, costumes to rent, rivers to dye green. Simply celebrate the day by stopping by your local bar, tavern, saloon, winery, distillery, or brewhouse and having a drink. Pick up a six-pack on your way home from work. Split a bottle of wine with a loved one. Buy a shot for a stranger. Just do it because you can.

But, lest we get too carried away, there are still some out there that wish Prohibition had never ended.

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