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Raul Ibanez won't be a Cub; What the Hendry's up with that?

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Tom Morello (left) will not have a look-alike on his favorite team next season after all.

Several reputable news organizations are reporting that former Mariners left fielder Raul Ibanez will sign a 3-year, $30 million contract with the Phillies. While it's not devastating news to lose a 37-year-old free agent, the inaction from the Cubs front office has to be at least a bit vexing to Cub fans.

Ibanez, a left handed-hitting Tom Morello look-alike, was previously said to be on the radar of Cubs GM Jim Hendry. The Cubs are in need of a solid lefty for the middle of their order. Ibanez fits -- that is, fit -- the bill.

But apparently, Hendry's been too busy not trading for Cy Young award-winner Jake Peavy to avoid letting Ibanez slip through his fingers.

In Chris De Luca's article today, he notes a lack of urgency in the Cubs front office to make a move because the Brewers and Cardinals have not exactly been vigilant in improving their own clubs.
So ... going with the same team that has two years without a playoff win is OK by Hendry? That's just swell. I'm sure Cub fans will be fine with that. No true leadoff hitter? I'm sure Cub fans will be fine with that. Another year with Jason Marquis as the fifth starter? Again, I'm sure Cub fans will be completely fine with that.

Clearly times are tough and everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. But taking advantage of the fact that you're going to sell out every game because you play in Wrigley Field is just irresponsible.

The Cubs front office is taking its fans for granted. What is it they say about insanity? Trying the same thing over and over expecting different results?

Well, Cub fans should expect no different results in 2009 unless Hendry stops wandering casinos looking for answers and starts making some moves ... we're talking Usher-worthy moves.

I believe the Cubs will win their division next year because they are the most buoyant turd in the toilet bowl that is the National League Central Division. But something tells me that if they don't take care of their gaping wounds this winter, it could be another heartbreaking year on the North Side. Or worse ... it'll just be boring.

But it begs the question of fans -- can you break something (in this case a heart) that has suffered irreparable damage?

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Kevin Allen needs to be promoted. In this day and age, the media is over saturated with wimps who are scared to speak the truth. Keven nailed the Cubs situation right on the nose while having no fear of articulating it to the public. He is a straight shooter with a bright future ahead of him. Just as long as the Sun Times continues to let him speak the truth, that is.

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