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Product review: Hug Me Pillow comfortable, will never get mad about taking out the trash

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These cold winter nights really intensify the human need to have that comforting and reassuring companion sleeping next to you. Luckily, there is hope for those who do not have that special someone in their life. is hawking this product to fill the void.

hugmepillow.jpgThe Hug Me Pillow promises to provide comfort and piece of mind and will never insist on watching the game instead of having dinner with the Robinsons.
Based on some of the product reviews, this thing is even better than a real human being.

"Overall Rating: Overall Rating 5 out of 5
Keeps me company!,  Jun 7, 2006
Anonymous from  Alaska Read all my reviews  (read all my reviews)
I bought this pillow to keep my company on nights when my husband, a correspondent for the Trans-Alaskan News Network, was out of town. The pillow exceeded even my wildest expectations. I'm told the pillow was modeled after Brad Pitt, and I believe it! When I first nestled against the soft, but firm chest of my new "husband" I slept better than I ever had before. Now I don't mind when my husband goes out of town!

Overall Rating: Overall Rating 5 out of 5
Snuggle-tastic,  Jul 31, 2006
Zaneski from  New York, NY Read all my reviews  (read all my reviews)
I have to admit that when I first saw the Hug Me Pillow lying on my bed, it looked a little creepy. This feling vanished though as soon as I turned out the lights and snuggled up to it. Since the passing of my partner, the bed often seems like a vast wasteland. Thank you Hug Me Pillow, for comforting me during the lonley nights.

Overall Rating: Overall Rating 5 out of 5
Accountability At A Bargain Price...!,  Jul 18, 2006
SleeplessButGodly from  Virginia Read all my reviews  (read all my reviews)
For those of us committed to staying sexually pure and who still want to feel loved at night, this is a Godsend...!! And my compliments to the designers for not making it too "anatomically correct." I can sleep without temptation! Praise the Lord!!!

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1 Comment

Wish I can also talk to this pillow before going to sleep and can also talk back with me about the all in a day's work etc. lol. It's a nice pillow. Great web review.

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