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Joe Gordon elected to National Baseball Hall of Fame, Ron Santo misses out again

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joegordon.jpgJoe Gordon (far left) makes a bet with his Cleveland Indians teammates that his .268 batting average makes him worthy of the Hall of Fame. Who's laughing now?

Joe Gordon was the only one of the 20 candidates to be elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Gordon was a a nine-time All-Star second baseman for the New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians and an American League MVP.

I can't say I'm tremendously familiar with Gordon's career, but Baseball Reference compares his production to that of pencil-thin mustache enthusiast Jose Valentin. That's really not impressive.

Closer to home, Cub great Ron Santo missed out on induction again.

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1 Comment

What did Ron Santo do to deserve this kind of recognition. His stats are better or as good then any 3rd Baseman ever, other than Mile Schmidt. Is he held back because he never won a Championship?
What he has done for the communities around this country should be considered too. (Refering to Diabetes)
Let's wake up and honor this man.

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