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Weapons, ammo, sweatpants -- but no cash -- seized at Plaxico Burress' home

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Sweat_Pants.jpgThe Associated Press is reporting that a 9-mm handgun, a rifle, ammunition and the pants and sneakers worn by Plaxico Burress when he accidentally shot himself at a Manhattan nightclub were seized at the wide receiver's New Jersey home yesterday.

The New York Post reports that a suitcase full of money was also found in the house, but that claim has been refuted by Burress' people. If there was a suitcase of cash found, apparently it wasn't seized because it isn't connected to the incident in question -- you know, the incident where a millionaire wearing sweatpants at a nightclub shot himself in the same leg he uses to run routes in his job as a professional football player?

As if all of this news isn't bad enough for the embattled former Super Bowl hero, a South Florida woman is suing Burress for more than $15,000 for injuries she allegedly sustained after he rear-ended her with his uninsured Mercedes last May.

Meanwhile, the Giants are trying to keep it together as they move on without Burress heading into the playoffs. Former Giant great Michael Strahan tells "You won't find one guy in the locker room who says that the reason we lost that game was because Plaxico Burress isn't here. One player doesn't make a team. It's about the 11 guys on that team."

That's encouraging news for Bears fans, who need the Giants to beat the Vikings in order to have any chance at all to make the playoffs.

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There's no law against having guns in your own home, so why did police take guns from the home of Plaxo Burress? It's not unusual, where a gun is discharged by accident, causing minor wounds to an inexperienced gun holder. I assume, Burress was charged with carrying a concealed weapon witohut a permit to do so. If I resided in the United States, I would carry 2 guns and full body armor.

can i please have some cheap sweatpants that are super cute and are nike because i am poor.

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