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Plaxico Burress' night of strip clubs, turkey and tequila ruined by pesky gunshot wound

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plaxicoturkey.jpgThe New York Post is one of the first Web sites I visit after rubbing the sleep out of the eyes in the morning. In addition to their bold design, they just seem to have figured out how to make a scandalous story even more scandalous.

Today they documented the events leading up to Plaxico Burress' self-inflicted gunshot wound.

And they certainly don't disappoint.

"Hours before shooting himself, Giants receiver Plaxico Burress and two Big Blue buddies hit a high-class West Side strip club - where they hooked up with three ladies, guzzled two bottles of top-shelf tequila, and gobbled the staff's post-Thanksgiving dinner, The Post has learned.
The Post also reports Burress was not well-liked by the strip club's staff, had a reputation for being cheap and just really likes turkey.

"A surly, slobbish Burress ate "like an animal," using his bare hands to snatch pieces of workers' turkey and stuff his face at the Head Quarters club on Nov. 28, a source said.
While this is an awesome sentence, one has to wonder what proper strip club turkey-eating etiquette is. My gut feeling would be that it's pretty casual.

Oh yeah, there's video. Well worth your time.

Plax's Naked Bootleg   [New York Post]

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