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O.J. Simpson to be sentenced Friday. Are you still following this case?

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simpson.JPGAlmost fourteen years ago, Americans crowded around television sets to watch the verdict of the O.J. Simpson double-murder case come in.

It was one of those rare moments in collective history that is burned into our memories. One where everyone probably remembers where they were.

On Friday, Simpson will be sentenced by District Court Judge Jackie Glass after being convicted of kidnapping and robbery in October.

While this case was much more removed from the public eye than the one in 1995, it looks like Simpson's punishment will be severe.

At least more severe than I thought.

From ESPN:

"Court probation officials have been investigating Simpson for weeks, preparing a recommendation that will be a critical factor in Judge Glass' decision. In most cases, probation officials are inclined to suggest sentences that are more lenient. But according to recently filed court documents, the probation officers in Simpson's case are suggesting a sentence of 18 years. Even worse, it will be 18 years of actual incarceration before there can be any consideration of parole.
Apparently, I'm not the only one who sort of lost track of the proceedings.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports weighs in on how the passing of time has changed things. In short, the public's interest in Simpson is nowhere near what it once was.

"Perhaps it's Simpson fatigue. Perhaps it's a desire to avoid fighting the battles of the past. Perhaps it's because the new case was so dull, sad and bizarre - one of the items Simpson took was the suit he wore the day of the original verdict.

Perhaps it's the wars and the economy and uncertainty that makes caring so much about some sorry old felon seem a waste of time.

Perhaps it's that no matter where you stood on the original case, you'd have to agree that anyone who survives a double-homicide trial has to be a fool to get a parking ticket, let alone have anything to do with an armed robbery.

Whatever it is, it's a long way from that October day in 1995, when the People of California v. Orenthal James Simpson stopped the nation in its tracks and then nearly busted it apart. Back then you'd never have believed that he'd one day face a potential life sentence and most people would just shrug.

The one-time most famous defendant in the country, the center of a media storm like almost no other, the touchstone figure of a decade, will head off to a Nevada prison for perhaps the rest of his life.

So what about you? Are you still following this case, or did the sentencing sneak up on you? Do you believe that he should have been convicted in the double-murder trial? If so, do you believe late justice is better than no justice? Or do you simply not care?

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Eighteen years sounds about right. This guy did, after all, get away with stabbing two
people to death. And I don't think he did it in self-defense. Most people would have
thanked their lucky stars after the murder trial and kept out of trouble.

But this guy went into a room with other guys who took guns with them.

Eighteen years in prison will save him from himself. He just can't stop this
crap and live a normal life.

It is high time for the bum to get his just "rewards"
His lawyers should be accompanying and serve time together with him!

OJ was in England a few years ago getting interveiwd on the Richard and Judy show. The ratings went through the roof but he was not asked a single question about his 95 trial. That angerd a lot of people. My point is that now he is going to spend probably the rest of his natural life in jail will he fess up to the killing of his wife and her freind. What a fool he is. The best part of this episode is that at last American justice is working in his case. The 95 verdict was greeted here with shock and from that point on has been a source of much humor. The US is enjoying great popularity here afrer you voted in your new President and this vile man getting his punishment makes it all the better. Well done USA. PS I lived in rogers park for a few years and I want to say Chicago is a great City.
all the best to you from Wales and me,
Jeremy Davis

I think LIFE is justified.
He only got off last time, in my opinion, because LA was afraid of another race riot.
He was guilty then and he is guilt now.

Eighteen years sounds about right for me as well. This man brutally murdered two people. He took the mother away from her two children and the life of a man who was only trying to do a favor for Nicole's mother. Given that he is now 61 years old, 18 years could be a life sentence for him which would suit me fine. Personally, I hope he never sees life outside of a jail cell ever again.

IMO, OJ has always thought himself above the law and it is time that a judge let's him know that he is not.

I do feel bad for CJ Stewart because I really don't think he had any idea what he was getting himself into and was only trying to do a favor for a friend. IMO, he should have been tried separately.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" ... where's Johnnie Cochran when you need him... OJ was aquitted of the murder charges and that shouldn't have had anything to do with this case... Sadly, it obviously did because this case is bogus... Even the 'victims' didn't want charges pressed against him... It's a sad day in America, our judicial system sucks.

O J rot in hell

I can't believe you would even ask to be released before sentencing. Mandatory sentencing!!!!!!! As far as I am concerned you have been living in your own personal 'jail' since you murdered Nicole and Ron. Now it is time for you to go to real jail. This judge RULES!!!!!!!! 'Housekeeping issues'. I love it. I am now watching the sentencing live on TruTV. It is quite obvious that you are going to get a considerable amount of jail time. Instead of relish in the amount of time that you get I am going to take a wild guess and see how far I am over or under. Total amount of time I predict you receive is--------> 23 years.

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