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Mike Hall hoops with Izzo and Michigan State; makes Mizzou proud ... sorta

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I've known Big Ten Network anchor Mike Hall for about six years now, and save for one Thanksgiving Day driveway shoot-around a few years back, I've not had the good fortune of witnessing his basketball skills. Until now:

Though his prowess on the court is self evident in the video, what I'm more impressed with -- as always -- is Mike's ability to take two unrelated nouns and somehow defy all odds to relate them.

In the lead-in and outro to the hoops segment, Mike manages to make both an Everlast and a George Plimpton reference. In the history of broadcast television, I don't think this feat has ever been accomplished -- at least not with so much aplomb and lack of apology.

Everlast, as we all remember, is a former House of Pain member and prime candidate for a VH1 where-are-they-now segment. The late Plimpton, a modern Renaissance man if there ever was, is generally regarded as one of the great raconteurs of all time. (Though it should be noted that Plimpton never came up with a line so profound as "Boom Shalock-Lock Boom.")

Kudos, Mike(!). The breadth and depth of your frame of pop culture reference continues to serve as an inspiration to fellow journalists everywhere.

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Ah, Mike. You've managed to be appropriately self-deprecating without completely embarrassing yourself.

I know firsthand exactly how difficult the shooting background is at the Jack Breslin Student Events Center. Don't worry about it.

As far as Tom goes: If he could survive Zach Randolph he can surely put up with a guy who won a contest.

We really like you, Mike Hall. We do.

Good work.

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