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Lunchtime Links: Blagojevich does his own rat eradication; James Madison has a football team?

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blagorat.jpegDid Blagojevich or someone acting on his behalf actually take down the rat warning sign outside his home? Really the least of his problems right now. (Sun-Times)

Javon Ringer becomes first All-American running back from Michigan State in 21 years. Let's go to Rick's American Cafe to celebrate. (MLive)

Our favorite major-league pitching prospects and reality show winners from India talk about coming to America. (Walkoff Walk)

Spraying teenagers with fox urine will keep them from TPing your house. We're living in a society here, people. (AP)

If your name isn't Craig Newman, you're probably not aware James Madison plays Montana tonight -- in football. (JMU Sports)

People still focusing their passion squarely on unrealistic, unwholesome plastic dolls. We're more attracted to Malibu Barbie, but she's got a terrible personality (CNN)

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