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Looking at the Class of 2009 Baseball Hall of Fame hopefuls and trusting our immediate feeling as to if they should be enshrined

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One of the best ways to make a tough decision is to answer without thinking. "The Office" devotees may recall this is the strategy Phyllis taught Michael when he was mulling over his relationship with Jan.

And we all know that turned out well.

This so-called "gut feeling" is also the one I like to employ when deciding if a baseball player is worthy of the Hall of Fame. So, let's take a look at the 2009 nominees for enshrinement in Cooperstown and the immediate, unfiltered answer as to if they belong there.

• Harold Baines NO
• Jay Bell NO
• Bert Blyleven NO
• David Cone NO
• Andre Dawson YES
• Ron Gant NO
• Mark Grace NO
• Rickey Henderson YES
• Tommy John NO
• Don Mattingly YES
• Mark McGwire NO
• Jack Morris YES
• Dale Murphy NO
• Jesse Orosco NO
• Dave Parker NO
• Dan Plesac NO
• Tim Raines YES
• Jim Rice NO
• Lee Smith YES
• Alan Trammell YES
• Greg Vaughn NO
• Mo Vaughn NO
• Matt Williams NO

What does your gut say about each of these guys?

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