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London Fletcher: Susan Lucci of the NFL?

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Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher's career has been free of the off-field drama that plagues many NFL superstars whose names appear regularly in headlines. But that lack of drama, he posits, just may be the reason why he's been overlooked for the Pro Bowl for -- count 'em -- 11 years now despite putting up consistently impressive numbers.

"I understand they can take only two middle linebackers, but to have it happen year after year after year after year after year. I'm an eight-time alternate. I'm the Susan Lucci of the NFL."

Lucci, of course, is the soap opera star who was nominated for an Emmy 18 times before finally winning.

The AP makes a compelling argument for Fletcher to be a pro bowler: 

"Fletcher is the leading tackler in the NFL this decade and has never missed a game in his 11-year career, even persevering through a severely sprained foot earlier this season. He is widely considered the MVP of the Redskins, the anchor to a defense ranked fourth in the league."

What do you think? Is Fletcher under-appreciated, deserving of pro bowl status? Or should he just accept the fact that players like Lance Briggs, whose off-the-field headlines include fleeing the scene of a Lamborghini-totaling accident and multiple paternity suits, will remain Pro Bowl shoe-ins?

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1 Comment

How should I feel about being attracted to Susan Lucci?

Kevin replies: She's an attractive woman. I think you should be OK with it. Now, if you were attracted to London Fletcher, I'd say there's a conversation we should have.

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