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Lingerie Football League player Melissa Berry mad about risque photos, probably doesn't understand a zone blitzing scheme

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tampabreeze.jpgThe Lingerie Football League sure sounds like something we'd like to check out. It's like if a Quick Hits column magically came to life, replete with scantily clad babes tossing the pigskin around.

But all in not well in this real world circuit based on fantasy.

Today we get news that Melissa J. Berry, a rookie linebacker for the Tampa Breeze, is suing her ex-boyfriend Marc Dawson for allegedly posting nude photos of her without her permission.

"She said he should know better because he markets himself as an expert on "healthy relationships" who has studied "success, performance and human behavior for over 25 years."

Dawson said Berry, who used to be a dancer at Thee Dollhouse, willingly posed for the photos and that he "never made anything public.

"This is nothing but an ex-girlfriend trying to cause problems," he said. "For her to say that these pictures were taken against her knowledge is untrue because she is smiling in them. She takes her clothes off for a living and tells people I am doing all this other stuff. What she's doing now is creating a drama because there are pictures out there of her."

Ahh, love. Harder to find, even harder to keep. Especially when naked pictures start happening.

Lingerie Bowl Player Sues Ex-Boyfriend Over Nude Pictures   [Tampa Bay Online]

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First of all you don't ever take pics of yourself and give them to anyone because this is what happens so she deserves this for being stupid. And he is a low life for stooping to this level. If its true he contacted her mom for the payment of his destroyed phone then why is he even involving her mom. Of course she destoyed his phone, I would do the same thing if he threatened making them public. Take the high road idiot and date someone your own age by the way.

Lets not rush to judgement, Where can we see these photos first?

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