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Let the 2008 recaps begin: Who are the 10 most fascinating people of the sporting world?

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Barbara Walters trotted out her annual "Ten Most Fascinating People" special last night, and to absolutely nobody's surprise, President-elect Barack Obama was at the top.

He is pretty fascinating, actually.

Some of the other choices on the list were, uh, questionable. Tom Cruise was the second-most fascinating person Walters could score an interview with, while American golden boy Michael Phelps was ninth.

Anyone else see that episode of "Saturday Night Live" he hosted? It was not very fascinating.

Unfortunately, I missed the program. But it did spawn an idea.

Who were the 10 most fascinating people in the sports world in 2008?

Immediate names that come to mind: Joe Paterno, LeBron James, Manny Ramirez, Stephen Curry, any of the parties involved in all of the parachuting mishaps this year, the brain trusts at Notre Dame who kept Charlie Weis, Ricky Williams, Tim Tebow, Joe Maddon and Ozzie Guillen.

Who fascinates you?

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