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Halcyon childhood moments turn to haymakers all too often at Chuck E. Cheese

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I never wanted a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Although I attended several childhood soirées at the pizza-fueled feel-goodery, the unique blend of skeet ball and mechanical robots just never appealed to me.

And, as one gets older, they stop keeping tabs on arcade news. So it was a big surprise to read a Wall Street Journal article that seems to indicate Chuck E. Cheese is at the epicenter of rampant disorderly conduct and battery.

"It isn't clear exactly how often fights break out at Chuck E. Cheese's 538 locations. Richard Huston, executive vice president of marketing for the chain's parent company, CEC Entertainment Inc. of Irving, Texas, describes their occurrence as "atypical," saying he has heard of "four or five significant adult altercations" this year. But in some cities, law-enforcement officials say the number of disruptions at their local outlet is far higher than at nearby restaurants, and even many bars. "We've had some unfortunate and unusual altercations between adults at these locations," Mr. Huston says. "Even one is just way too many."
The good people at Gizmodo have compiled some of the more memorable Chuck E. Cheese police blotter moments, including this stunning occurrence.

"Flint, Mich.: Jan. 26, 2008

Flint Township police responded to a call about a large fight at Chuck E. Cheese's that involved as many as 85 people, according to police reports. A fight inside the restaurant between three females erupted, pepper gas was sprayed and people flooded outside the restaurant into the back parking lot.
Calling All Cars: Trouble at Chuck E. Cheese's, Again   [Wall Street Journal]
Chuck E. Cheese Arcade: A Place Where Moms Punch Dads In the Face   [Gizmodo]

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