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Greg Maddux to retire; Kids who can't throw hard will have to find a new pitcher to keep their big-league dreams alive

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maddux.jpgI remember thinking to myself one day when I was maybe 10-years-old, 'What is going to happen when you get older and all of your favorite athletes start to retire? Will you find new ones? How can anyone replace the guys on your favorite baseball cards?'

Luckily, in time I realized that there's always a new crop of talented players to replace those who leave. But even still, a little part of your childhood dies when a long-standing veteran who has been a part of the game a long time retires.

So, it is with a little sadness that we view the news of Greg Maddux retiring.

The 42-year-old with pinpoint control and 18 Gold Gloves will announce that he is hanging up his tailing fastball Monday morning at baseball's Winter Meetings in Las Vegas.

With 355 career wins, four Cy Youngs and a 3.16 career ERA, Maddux will undoubtedly find his way into Cooperstown when he becomes eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2013.

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