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Grading those who grade the Lions: Tom Kowalski passes the test

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One of the things media outlets are wont to do on in their NFL coverage is to assess the local neon lions.jpgteam's performance by assigning them letter grades for each aspect of the game.

We do this for the Bears and other publications have similar features.

Scanning the Detroit Lions coverage today, I couldn't help but notice that some unlucky chap is charged with grading the hapless and hopeless squad.

To his credit, Tom Kowalski does not do what many of us would be inclined to: assign straight F's across the board. In fact, in today's edition he goes so far as to pass out a couple of B's to the coaching and the defense.

If you missed it, the Lions fell to the Indianapolis Colts 31-21 to "deprove" to an imperfect 0-14 on the year. Their two remaining games include a home game against the New Orleans Saints and a trip to Green Bay to play the Packers.

At this point, I think we'll all be disappointed if they don't complete their quest for a winless season. One gentleman in particular has made it abundantly clear that a 0-16 Detroit Lions team is all he wants for Christmas.

Grading the Lions: Offense can't put away Vikings   [MLive]

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