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Could CC Sabathia end up a Dodger when this is all over?

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ccsab.jpgCC Sabathia is going to sign a contract for an obscene amount of money one of these days. That much we know. But where he will be earning these millions of dollars remains a subject of great debate.

It's looked like he was headed to New York. Then to the Angels. Then, staying with the Brewers.

And now we get word that what he really wants is to be a Dodger.

ESPN's Jayson Stark gives us this little bit of hot gossip from the Winter Meetings.

"Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti told's Jayson Stark on Monday that he ran into the free agent on Sunday night in a hotel lobby and the left-hander told him that he wants to be a Dodger.
The article goes on to describe in great detail exactly how the race for Sabathia is shaping up. In summation, there's serious money, serious rumors and a man who is seriously going to get the best deal out there by taking his time and gathering all the information he can.

In an unrelated note, this post on Sabathia from our old Blogspot days really brings back some memories. It seems like a million years ago we were speaking in third person.

So glad we got over that phase.

Thanks again for your readership. We'll never go back.

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