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Christmas Eve roundup: Snowballs in Seattle, Illini crush Mizzou ... again, mad Maddon and Santa in the Sudan

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Seahawks fans should be embarrassed of their snowball-throwing antics during Mike Holmgren's farewell lap. Says Seattle Times columnist Steve Kelly, "Another black-eye in the shiner sports year of 2008 for Seattle. [Seattle Times]

All the snowball throwing in Seattle last week inspired Jets defensive lineman Shaun Ellis to toss "a large snow clump in the direction of fans." This, in turn, prompted the NFL to fine Ellis $10,000 -- or, if you're a Sports Pros(e) author, a wee bit o' pocket change. [Newsday]

Illinois beat Missouri 75-59 in the annual Braggin' Rights game, improving their record in the series to 20-8. Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock thinks that's reason enough to end the series. This author, a Mizzou grad, agrees. Enough is enough. Leave us wounded Tigers alone to lick our proverbial wounds. Schedule another game against Middle Tennessee or Wright State. C'mon! []

Joe Maddon, coach of the AL champion Tampa Bay Rays, ain't afraid of no Mark Teixeira. [ESPN]

Santa is somewhere near Kusti, Sudan ... which makes us wonder whether the average Sudanese family has a chimney down which the fat man may descend to deliver presents. Speaking of which, does anyone know what the hot toy in the Sudan is this year? [NORAD]

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