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Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller claims ref cursed at him

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ryanmiller.jpgWe're learning that people from all walks of life have just terrible, filthy potty mouths -- allegedly. Yesterday we had Patti Blagojevich telling her embattled governor husband to hold up that f***ing Cubs s*** and now today we have a claims that an NHL referee told Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller to "go [bleep] himself."

From the Buffalo News:

""It was just about the referee last night, a brief conversation I had with the ref that was a little surprising to me," Miller said. "He told me to "go [bleep] myself' because I was just asking a question. I was just kind of joking around [to Ruff], saying, "Maybe that kind of started what got the bench minor going.'

"To be honest, I was respectful. I asked him a question and he told me maybe I should "go [bleep] myself."

Tim Peel and Justin St. Pierre worked the game. Asked which referee it was, Miller responded, "I'm not going to get into it" and Sabres spokesman Chris Bandura ended the session.

What's interesting about this is that the NHL has put itself in a tough situation. On the heels of their swift move to suspend Dallas Stars winger Sean Avery for his "sloppy seconds" comment, they'll be expected to apply the same type of justice if this really happened.

In the pantheon of offensive language, one word is king. And if you're going to harshly lay down the law for a comment like Avery's, you better be prepared to do the same when an official drops an unprovoked F-bomb to a player during a game.

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