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Bill Parcells' future in Miami questioned; Mangini is Manjobless

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Even as fans are lining up to buy playoff tickets in Miami uncertainty looms over the future of the Miami Dolphins' leadership -- namely Bill Parcells.

There's a chance the team's Executive Vice President of football operations won't serve in that position next season. Even before yesterday's division-clinching win over the New York Jets there was talk that Parcells might choose to scoot if owner Wayne Huizenga sells the team.

"Yes, Parcells signed a four-year contract with Wayne Huizenga last December, which suggests he has three more years remaining in Miami regardless. But the truth is Parcells is 67 years old and suffered some health issues earlier this year. So for him, football is really a year to year question regardless of what a contract might suggest.

"Parcells also has a clause in his contract that allows him to walk away from the Dolphins if, at any point, Huizenga is not his immediate boss. And that clause would require the Dolphins to pay Parcells the entire remaining portion of the contract, or $9 million after this season."

The Florida Sun-Sentinel reported in October that Huizenga would be rushing the sale of the Dolphins for fear that Barack Obama would raise taxes. 

Elsewhere, the Jets have fired Eric Mangini in the wake of that team's epic collapse in the second half of the season. Read all about it at the New York Times. And a subject -- the future of quarterback Brett Favre -- is creeping back into the headlines.

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