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Bear Grylls injured in fall, still the embodiment of man

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beargrylls.jpgTo be television survivalist Bear Grylls is to be all that is man.

Grylls, the host of Discovery Channel's "Man vs. Wild", sustained a shoulder injury Friday after falling while on an expedition in Antarctica designed to raise money for an international charity.

Grylls has by far one of the most interesting Wikipedia pages around -- which will definitely become the standard by which man is judged in the not-so distant future.

"Grylls has eaten snake (one made him sick), worm, scorpion, porcupine, squirrel, alligator, skunk, camel, zebra, rabbit, lizards, turtle, raw fish, sheep's eyeballs, goat's testicles (a Berber delicacy), a tree frog, spider, raw yak liver, termites and grubs. In one episode he dipped a sheep's eye in a geothermal vent with his shoe laces in order to cook it.

He has also rubbed snow on his body to dry off after jumping into an icy lake, squeezed both elephant dung and partially digested food from the stomach of a dead camel into his mouth for water, ripped raw chunks of meat off a dead zebra with his teeth, eaten maggots off a dead deer, and drank his own urine which had been stored in the skin of a dead snake.

 'Man vs. Wild' host injured in Antarctic expedition   [CNN]

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Dude, seriously!?! First off it’s the Discovery Channel that shows Man Versus Wild not CNN. Second, most people know by now that the guy is a total fraud. He’s been blasted by all of his peers whether they be climbers, survival enthusiasts or ACTUAL former SAS soldiers, as opposed to the UK version of the National Guard, which is what Bear Grylls belonged to. I’m sorry but there is much more to being a man than conning people into believing you’re some sort of super hero so they’ll rush out and buy his books and his $700 POS knife. Many, many people do the very same things that he pretends to do. The main difference is that most people don’t have someone willing to shell out $100,000 to pull their butts out of the fire when they get in over their heads.

Bear Grylls rules! Long live Eddy and get well soon!

In 2004 Chris Ryan was quoted as saying in Zoo magazine that he disputed that Grylls ever served in the SAS. Now in his most recent interview 2008, he slams Grylls even further. Good on you Chris, Grylls is a self obsessed publicist and spins his (21) Territorial Army Special Forces experience of months serving over 3 years part-time, to 3 years full-time in the SAS. Sadly Grylls preys on the public's lack of knowledge re selection standards regarding Territorial Army Special Forces and the SAS proper, just ask Andy McNab or Chris Ryan, one is good and one is AWESOME! Grylls so loves to be vague with the truth, I wonder why?

So what does Chris Ryan real ex (22) SAS hero say about him…?

SAS hero Chris Ryan has slammed survival expert Bear Grylls, claiming he’s exaggerated stories about his military record.

The accusations are the second time Old Etonian Grylls has been criticised this year.

Rival survivalist Ray Mears labelled him a “boy scout” and a “showman”who uses TV trickery on his programme Born Survivor.

But the new claims will rock Grylls’ reputation even harder because over-stating service history is deemed taboo in military circles.

Gulf War veteran Ryan even says he doesn’t believe Grylls broke his back on an SAS operation in Africa.

And the ex-soldier – who served on the notorious Bravo Two Zero mission in the first Gulf war in Iraq – viciously laid into 34-year-old Grylls for taking the plaudits while real servicemen suffered.

Ryan explained: “I’ve got respect for Ray Mears because he’s very,very knowledgeable in his craft.

“Bear Grylls goes on and on about an operation in Africa.

“He tells people he broke his back on an operation but I don’t know where in Africa he would be doing an operation.

“Nobody has been able to tell me that. I’ve spoken to several guys who were regimental sergeant majors and instructors in the regimental SAS but none of them could remember this operation.

“And I just think, ‘F**k you, mate, there’s guys dying in Afghanistan and Iraq. You have to earn that beret’.”

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