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Arena Football League to cancel 2009 season; This time we think they mean it

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The fickle powers-that-be vested with serving the common good of the Arena Football League seem to be doing quite a bit of back-and-forth when it comes to the likelihood of a 2009 season.

First it looked like it was going to be canceled, then it was back on. Now, things are again looking pretty bleak.

"The Arena Football League canceled the 2009 season but plans to return in 2010, a league source said.

An official announcement is expected today.

The source requested anonymity, saying a six-figure fine looms for talking.

While the Arena League really isn't something we've taken the time to enjoy, it is sad to see the icy cold death grip of these economic times lay claim to one of the activities of leisure that people get lost in.

For those Chicago Rush enthusiasts out there: what's your reaction to all of this? Are you surprised or did you see the handwriting on the wall? If the league returns in 2010, will you still be there as a fan?

Source: AFL's '09 season is canceled   [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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1 Comment

Your Chicago Rush are one of the teams that switched sides to make sure there would be no 2009 season.

Sleep well Chicago.

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