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Apples to Oranges: San Jose Sharks vs. Boston Celtics

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The NHL's San Jose Sharks improved to 25-3-2 on the season with a win over the Los Angeles Kings last night. They've accumulated 52 points in that span, which is the best 30-game start in NHL history.

Meanwhile the Boston Celtics are off to an impressive start of their own, moving to 23-2 on the year with a victory over the Utah Jazz last night.

Short and simple: Which team's record is more impressive?

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The sharks, only because in hockey, so many things can happen that are out of the player's control. Handling a puck is a lot harder than a basketball, and in basketball, isolation comes into play and a single player can dominate a game on any given night. Hockey is the ultimate team sport, which makes the 25-3-2 record a great feat.

I don't follow Hockey, but to me it seems like the Sharks record is more impressive because of the physical nature of the sport. However with time you we will see which team continues to win. A good start is great but Championships matter.

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