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AFL will have a 2009 season ... unless they don't

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It's not that we need this ... it's just that we need it to be available to us so we think we need it. (Sun-Times photo)

It's becoming cliche to reiterate the phrase "in these tough economic times," but that's not stopping the Arena Football League from using it as the preface to why they might not have a 2009 season.

For now, it looks like the season is on. The New York Times is reporting, "The league's board of directors met via conference call Wednesday evening and decided not to suspend the 2009 season, but the issue could be revisited, James L. Ferraro, the owner and chief executive of the Cleveland Gladiators, said in a telephone interview Wednesday."

Without knowing the financial viability of this league, it makes absolutely no sense why they wouldn't have a 2009 season.
Despite these tough economic times, people still seem to be buying tickets to sporting events. To be sure, nothing will prevent Americans from seeking and finding ways to forget how miserable their lives may be.

I went to the Blackhawks game last night and saw my first live empty-net goal. Why is this significant? Because I had no business spending money going to a hockey game in -- you know what's coming -- these tough economic times.

But watching live sporting events gives us something to look forward to. And when they're over, we have something to talk about with friends and strangers other than these tough economic times.

I won't go so far as to say if there is no AFL season in 2009 that the terrorists win, but damn ... it sure feels like it.

Spending money we shouldn't be spending on things we don't need and experiences that are fleeting is what Americans do best. If the AFL takes away from us yet another way to spend money illogically, where does that leave us? What's next? No more summer blockbuster movies? Should we nix fireworks this Fourth of July? And on Easter -- should we cease to stock our grocers' shelves with oversized chocolate rabbits?

No. We will continue to pretend to be fans of indoor football. We will buy your tickets. Sit in your seats. And purchase your six-dollar beers. It's what we do.

For we are American. And empty-net goals are awesome.

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