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Suburban roundup: Lions lose, Sidney Crosby wins, Blackhawks players experienced outdoorsmen

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MONTGOMERY, Ill. -- Posting from here in the Chicago 'burbs where the big story right now is that one of my nieces gave the other niece a wet willy. This has led to a battle royale of epic proportion on the living room floor, just inches from where I'm currently watching the Atlanta Falcons doing their best to keep the Bears' playoff hopes alive by beating the Minnesota Vikings.

Apparently there are some other headlines in the sports world:

The Lions are 0-15. This means that more than 50 men in the city of Detroit are getting paid exorbitant sums of money to fail at their jobs on a consistent basis while the auto industry and its workers --  those who would theoretically be cheering the Lions on right now -- flounder. Something about that seems ... I don't know ... sadly poetic? [ESPN]

NHL fans want Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby to go to the All-Star game more than they've ever wanted any hockey player to go to the All-Star game. [FoxSports]

Speaking of hockey, there are two Blackhawks who have been-there and done-that when it comes to playing hockey in outdoor stadiums. [Sun-Times]

Allen Iverson was benched in the final minutes of a close Pistons loss. [FanHouse]

Video: Darned if you do, darned if you don't: Good samaritan getting sued for doing the right thing. [ABC NEWS]

New York Times calls for some rule changes in the Hall of Fame. Good luck on that. I hear those folks are pretty open to change. [New York Times]

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