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9-year-old kid writes a book on how to talk to girls; People freak out, treat it like an actual book

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We're thinking of ending each day with some sort of light-hearted news story to really sign off on a cute and happy note.

You know the drill. Cue the video of the squirrel water-skiing and have the weatherman make some sort of punny comment. You see it every night on your local news.

They'd all go crazy for this little fluff piece.

A 9-year-old Colorado boy has somehow gotten his book of dating tips published. "How to Talk to Girls," by Alec Greven contains all the insight this kid has gleaned in his life.

People are actually going to buy this book. I'm too troubled to even finish this post.

This video will answer your questions.

Please contact us if you're interested in reviewing this book.

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This is so cute!!

ur book works

your book saved my marriage

where can i get the book? anyone with answers can you please email me

whats the price of this book & how can i get this book? those who knows please mail to

You can buy the book on

are Americans this gullible? really? we front about taking shorter trips with the car because of gas prices and we borrow our children's books from the library, yet people would buy this? c'mon people. be serious and stop being superficial like this book seems to be. And what would kids his age really need to know about getting girls? elementary is the least stressful time or your life: have fun while you can!

What part of "9 year old relationship" is stressful? Don't you remember having a crush on a boy or girl when you were that age, that made you giggle and blush? This HILARIOUS book is for sheer amusement... America isn't gullible, they're looking for a laugh. And this book sure is a hoot.

Why do people hate him? He's a brilliant boy who is smart enough to be a published author.
When is the last time you saw a 9 year old with a book on #6 on the NY Times bestseller?

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