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You pick 'em: Bears vs. Vikings

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Tonight's game in Minneapolis is crucial for the Bears.

A win would put them in sole possession of first place in the NFC North with four games to go and secure the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Vikings.

Brad Biggs pounds home the importance of the game in his piece today, while all five of our sportswriters pick the Vikings to win.

Earlier this season, the Bears used an explosive passing attack and stellar special teams to win the first game between these two squads, 48-41.

So what do you say, Chicago? Is the lack of faith in Lovie & Co. justified? Or will the Bears improve to 3-0 in night games this year? Tell us your predictions.

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Bears front four showed passion for the first time in a long time in St. Louis and loved it. Everyone at this news organization keeps downplaying the St. Louis victory, but they're mostly full of crap. Once in a while a team needs to "kick sand into the face of a 98-pound weakling" as Mr. Biggs said. Bears have to win this.

Bears 34
Vikings 24

The Bears defense has yet to show up in "Must Win" games.No #1 reciever , poor "O" line play-running or passing. Vikings 35 Bears 17

Da' Bears 28 DE' Vikes 20... from a White Sox faithful...go Kenny get that speed for out SOX !

The play of Tommie Harris is crucial today. The offense will put up some numbers but defense will be the key as getting the same special teams performance in the last match up is unlikely. Therefore, defense is key today starting with Tommie Harris. Bears 20 Yikes 17.

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