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This loss is on me: An open letter to the city of Chicago and Bears fans everywhere

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Two weeks ago tonight I was hunched over my laptop in one of those Jerry McGuire mission statement moments, writing an impassioned plea to Bears fans everywhere. Pleading to jump on the Bears bandwagon and finally put the often salty, rarely enjoyable relationship with the Detroit Lions.

Since then the Bears have done nothing but lose a football game at home, lose a football game on the road, lose to a team in the AFC, lose to a team in the NFC and spark a firestorm of criticism for Lovie Smith, a man who navigated them within threequitbears.jpg Rex Grossman turnovers of a Super Bowl.

The 37-3 drubbing doled out by the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers this afternoon was over before halftime and transformed a lively Bears chat into Ground Zero of the "fire Lovie Smith, fire them all" movement.

In short, things have not gone well.

So maybe it's not the Bears at all. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with the porous run defense that was shredded for 200 yards, including 145 from Ryan Grant. Maybe it has nothing to do with an offense captained by a hobbled Kyle Orton that mustered just three points. Surely Devin Hester's stunningly dramatic vanishing act has nothing to do with the downturn.

It's definitely me.

I apologize to Chicago and battle-tested Bears fans everywhere from the bottom of my heart. I'm sorry for messing things up.

Someone who has become so resigned to losing like I have should not contaminate the drinkable waters of another team's fan base. The Lions are football's arsenic, pure and simple. And apparently their reign of inept terror follows indoctrinated fans even after they've renounced their faith.

But since we like to look at the Brightside on Monday mornings around here, let's attempt to wash the stink off from Sunday's gag-inducing performance.

While Rick Telander, Greg Couch and Mike Mulligan all heaped on plenty of criticism, it was tempered by a simple look at the standings. After 10 games, the Bears are Even-Steven with the aforementioned Packers and Minnesota Vikings for tops in the NFC North. Coming into the season, I bet most Bears backers would have happily accepted this scenario.

Mulligan provides some much needed perspective about what reasonable aspirations for this team are. They are not an elite team, a great team and maybe not a very good team, yet hope springs eternal.

"Regardless, while the Bears might not look like a playoff team, they remain in an enviable position to emerge as the NFC North champions -- provided they can respond in the same way their competition has in the last two weeks.
Next Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings looms large, but an extra week for Orton's leg to heal could literally be just what the doctor ordered. Although the scruffy one didn't lose the game in Green Bay, he certainly didn't help win it. Take solace in the fact that a healthy Kyle Orton -- in 2008 -- does not complete 13 of 26 passes for a paltry 133 yards.

Perhaps the embarrassing loss can light a fire under a highly-paid defense that has underperformed, a head coach who might be a little too passive and a return man whose last Ridiculous moment came in 2007. Maybe this loss was just what they needed.

Or maybe the damage is done. The icy cold grip of Lions leprosy has transfixed itself to my new flame. Lovie will be unceremoniously dumped, Orton will return to mediocrity and the Bears will win one playoff game in the next 50 years.

Oh, the horrors that could abound ...

But that's not what I want, Chicago. You deserve better.

So I'll leave your team alone.

I'll never ask for membership in Bears fandom ever again. It's better this way. Sorry things got weird.

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