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The Detroit Free Press' Drew Sharp says it's impossible for an NFL team to go winless in a season; Detroit Lions set out to prove anything is possible

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The Detroit Free Press' Drew Sharp is quite a faithful man.

He writes today that a winless season for an NFL team is an impossibility. The Detroit Lions are literally inventing new ways to lose every week in his own backyard. And yet -- he remains confident they won't get shutout all year.

"Let me reiterate -- it ... is ... impossible ... to ... lose ... all ... ... in an NFL


This league is rigged for the accidental victory, and the Lions came awfully close Sunday against Carolina to being the blind squirrel stumbling upon that acorn.

I'd like their chances of finally getting that first victory against Tampa Bay next week if they played it in Tampa, because this team plays better away from the poisonous climate of Ford Field. Now, the Lions are wholly responsible for creating that toxic environment, but they seem more comfortable knowing that they're the villain when they first take the field as opposed to when they commit their first dumb mistake.

Impossible? Anything is possible.

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Is Kevin alive? I want my Bears Brightside and I want it now.

Kyle responds: See that, Kevin? Our one fan demands you step up to the keyboard and make lemonade out of life's lemons.

I have to admit I was worried that the Lions were going to disappoint me on Sunday. Don't get me wrong - I didn't think they were going to screw it all up by winning - but I was concerned that it would be a run-of-the-mill, boring blowout loss. Thankfully, they clawed their way back into the game in order to make the loss more exciting. After forcing Carolina to give up the ball, the Lions took over down only two points. With Hanson's leg, they just had to get barely across midfield to give themselves a chance to win. Thank God Daunte Culpepper threw the ball directly to a Panther defender deep in Lion territory to keep the dream of 0-16 alive. Thank you, Daunte! Thank you! Thank you!

Thanks Jon for covering the game. A job done well. I had a really horrible dream while taking my post game snooze on the couch. I dreamed that I was kicking a very old, very sick 3 legged dog that was blind in one eye up and down some alley in Detroit. A crowd was cheering me on and some guys wanted to know if coverage of this beating was going to be blacked out on local tv also. I dunno...I told them the dog had been taking the beatings every week for over 50 years old and actually had grown to like it. I mean he had been kicked in the ass so many times a lot of the crowd truly believed he was wearing a pink collar. Anyway I'm ok now and will be back supporting the team next week.

Congratulations, Detroit Lions, on accomplishing what was written to be impossible!

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